LENT COURSE – Six Profiles of Jesus of Nazareth

Monday evenings of Lent at 19.30 in The Cenacle [i.e. the parish room of Our Lady & St. Anne Church].

Six Profiles of Jesus of Nazareth 

  1. Mosaic of identity: composites of our personal picture of Jesus. We will look at the various visual images of Jesus we have in the Christian tradition.  We will consider how films, TV dramas, and literature have shaped our picture of Jesus.  We will end by considering the source material we have for our knowledge of the Jesus of history.
  1. The Jesus we meet and think we know. We will consider the various ways and settings in which we are told we encounter Jesus.  We will consider the Christ of Faith and see in what way there is continuity between the Jesus Christ in whom we believe and the Jesus of Nazareth who lived between 4 BC and 30 AD.
  1. Jesus the Jew. Jesus was a Jew, he lived in a Jewish world, his spiritual vision came from the Hebrew Scriptures.  What was his relationship to the Jewish world, to whom was his mission, and what did the Jews who were his contemporaries think of him?
  1. Jesus the Teacher. Jesus was considered a rabbi, albeit one of no fixed address.  He was regularly addressed as ‘teacher’.  What did he know and whence came the knowledge he possessed?  What were his pedagogic techniques?  He taught ‘with authority’ but from where did he derive it?  We will look at his teaching skills and the content of his teaching.
  1. Jesus the Saviour. We will look at what the term ‘saviour’ meant to his contemporaries.  Salvation from what?  Sin, damnation – what were the beliefs of the time?  What does the Church understand when it tells us that Jesus is our Saviour?
  1. Jesus the Suffering Servant. In the first week of Passiontide with Holy Week within our sights, we will look at how Jesus might have understood himself as he approached his Passion.  We will consider the images of the Suffering Servant in the OT prophet Isaiah.  We will look at other aspects of the Passion.

The course will be given on the Monday evenings of Lent at 19.30 in The Cenacle [i.e. the parish room of Our Lady & St. Anne Church].  Forty minutes of input, ten minutes for questions & discussion.  Supporting material.  Tea & coffee will follow.

Fr Patrick’s Induction 2nd February 2018

Fr Patrick’s induction as parish priest of the Parish of Our Lady and St Anne took place on the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (Candlemas) , 2nd February 2018.  The Rite of Induction was presided over by the Dean of South Oxford, the Reverend Paul Fitzpatrick.  Fr Patrick was the main celebrant at Mass, and preached the homily. 

Fr Patrick was parish priest of the parish of Saint Peter & Saint Paul, Wolverhampton, from 1999 to 2013, and a large group from this parish was present at the induction ceremony and Mass, and at a celebration in the Cenacle afterwards.  The chasuble that Fr Patrick is wearing in the picture above, and which he wore for the Eucharistic liturgy, was given to him by the parishioners of Saint Peter & St Paul for his Silver Jubilee.  A selection of photos from the evening can be seen below and Fr Patrick’s message, contained within the order of service, can be read here: Fr Patrick’s induction message.

Fr Paul’s Presentation and Homily

At the 10.00am Mass on Sunday 21st January, Fr Paul Martin was presented with the parish gift of a cheque by Damian Colehan as Chair of the Parish Finance Committee.  Damian spoke of the contribution to the life of the parish that Fr Paul had made over the four years as our parish priest and, on behalf of the parish, gave thanks for that.  Fr Paul expressed his gratitude for the gift, and assured us that he was very happily setting into his new life as Director of the St Barnabas Society.  During the Mass, Fr Paul had preached a fascinating and uplifting homily which can be found at the end of this item or in the Gallery section of the website: Fr Paul Martin’s Homily 21Jan18


New E-mail Addresses

Two new e-mail addresses have now been established to provide the choice of either contacting the office for general enquiries and correspondence, or Fr Patrick directly.

For the office (Lis) : o.l.a.s.a.office@gmail.com
For Fr Patrick, via the office: o.l.a.s.a.priest@gmail.com

The old e-mail address is still open whilst we move over to the new system, but please use the new addresses from now on.  Please ignore the old e-mail address where you find it in various places through the website because it will take a couple of weeks to update everything.

With thanks for your help.