Lent Course – Notes for all 6 weeks

These are the notes which were made available to all attendees at the weekly Lent course, which was led by Fr Patrick.

Overview of the 6 weeks:

Lent Course 2019 outline of 6 weeks

Notes from Week 1:

01 Evening 1 main notes

02 Evening 1 support material

03 Evening 1 Credal formulae

04 Evening 1 JH Newman quote

05 Evening 1 worksheet

Notes from Week 2:

Lent Course 2 Handout 1

Lent Course 2 Handout 2

Lent Course 2 Handout 3

Lent Course 2 Handout 4

Lent Course 2 Worksheet

Notes from Week 3:

Lent Course 3 Supporting Material

Lent Course 3 NT Hymns

Lent Course 3 Worksheet

Notes from Week 4:

Lent Course 4 Supporting Material

Lent Course 4 Hymn Examples

Lent Course 4 Worksheet

Notes from Week 5:

Lent Course 5 Supporting Material

Lent Course 5 Hymn Examples

Lent Course 5 Worksheet

Notes from Week 6:

Lent Course 6 Supporting Material

Lent Course 6 Hymn Examples

Lent Course 6 Worksheet


The Season of Lent

For the season of Lent the diocese has provided us with Walk with Me, a prayer booklet to accompany us on our Lenten journey.  Also, Father Patrick has prepared a Lenten booklet made up of thought-provoking quotations, biographical sketches, prayers and prayer intentions, which can be used in combination with Walk with Me.  Fr Patrick’s booklet is entitled Forty Days and Forty Nights:  Journey through Lent 2019.  Both are available now and have a purchase price of £1.  The parish Lent Course on The Creed commenced on Monday 11 March at 19.30 in the Cenacle, and will continue each Monday for a total of six weeks.  At whatever week you start the course you will be very welcome.

Going into hospital

On admission to Royal Berkshire Hospital all Catholics should inform the hospital staff that they are Roman Catholic and if they wish to have Communion or see a Priest. All arrangements in RBH are “Patient Led”. Hospital Chaplain – Fr JP Lyttle, Mobile: 07391 896559 / RBH: 0118 322 7105