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Walking to Our Lady & St Anne’s from the railway station

Leave the station by the North exit.  Walk past the multi storey car park (and the bike rack) until you reach the pedestrian crossing point on the dual carriageway.

Cross the road, turn right and then follow the blue sign to Caversham & Christchurch Meadows.

At the the river, turn left and cross the modern pedestrian bridge. On the other side, follow the blue sign to Gosbrook Road.  This takes you through the meadow away from the river until you reach a main road.

Cross the main road (Gosbrook Road) and walk a short distance to the left end of the block of flats. When you get to the green park, turn right and walk all the way along the footpath that follows the edge of the grass. As you reach the children’s play area,  turn right along the small alley which leads directly to the church.

By bus from the railway station

Leave station by the north The bus stops for the 23 and 25 are past the taxi rank close to the dual carriageway in the centre of Trooper Potts Way.

23: Get off at Washington Road. Walk back a short distance and you will meet Washington Road on your right. Go to the end of Washington Road and turn left. Carry on to the end of this road (South View Avenue) and you will reach the church.

25: Get off at Elizabeth House. Follow the direction of traffic until you reach the entrance to the park on the other side of the road.

Cross the main road and walk up the right hand side of Westfield Park as far as the children’s play area on your right.

Turn right along the small alley at the top which leads directly to the church.


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