Please note: The final Confirmation class for 2017 will now take place on Tuesday 6th June at 5.00pm.  As this class includes the rehearsal for the Confirmation Mass, it is essential that all children attend.  Please remember to bring your Confirmation name with you.

Bishop William Kenney will celebrate the Confirmation Mass at 7.00pm on Wednesday 7th June.


At Our Lady and St Anne’s church, a Confirmation Mass will be celebrated once per year, normally in May or June, and on most occasions the Sacrament will be administered by our area bishop, Bishop William Kenney.  Candidates for Confirmation (normally in Year 8 or 9) will need to be baptised Roman Catholics who have also received the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Prior to receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation, candidates will need to attend a preparation course on dates to be announced.  To enrol candidates onto the Confirmation programme for the year, parents need to complete an enrolment form.  This can be printed from the PDF below or picked-up from the Parish Office.  confirmation-enrolment-form-2017