Shrine Update

 Marcelo Lavallen, the artist who will do the next phase of the Shrine renovation work, has arrived. Generally, Masses from Monday to Friday will be in the evenings to allow Marcelo to work without interruption, but Saturday morning Mass will be as normal. There will be morning and evening Mass for the Feast of the Assumption on 15th August as usual.

Two Men in a Boat

Two of our parishioners, Damian Colehan and Mike Ryan, will be following the path taken by Jerome K Jerome and his two friends in ‘Three Men in a Boat’ and rowing up the Thames from Kingston to Deans Farm – the site of the original Shrine of Our Lady of Caversham.

Starting on Thursday August 24th they will row for between 6 – 8 hours a day for 4 days and will pass through 21 locks and 7 constituencies, under 3 different motorways as well as the flight path of both Heathrow runways and, for a part of the journey, will follow the path taken by the kings and queens who were rowed up the Thames to the Shrine from Windsor.

If you wish to sponsor Damian and Mike, forms are available at the back of church, or visit

There is a poster which can be viewed by clicking here: 2 men in a boat poster

Shrine Restoration – work has started

Full details of each day of Fr Paul’s 11 day walk from the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham to the Shrine of Our Lady of Caversham are available on the Shrine Restoration page of this website.

Work has started on restorating the Shrine.  Cabling has been installed for lighting, and the walls are being plastered in readiness for the art work to be applied.  Completion is planned for this coming September.

Donations towards the Restoration of the Shrine, and the Refurbishment of the Church, are encouraged and welcome, and will be gratefully received.  They made be made through this link to the JustGiving website.


Prayer to Our Lady of Caversham

All holy Mother of God,
who in the ages of faith did receive in this holy place
the veneration of our fathers,
pray for us that we may grow in God’s grace,
and may be led to the knowledge and love of your
Divine Son
who, with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
lives and reigns, world without end. Amen

Fr Paul’s Sponsored Walk from Shrine to Shrine

Fr Paul Martin has completed his eleven day walk from The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, in Norfolk, to the Shrine of Our Lady of Caversham in Reading, Berkshire.  He set off from Walsingham on Monday 1st May, following his celebration of Mass with the people who had travelled from Caversham to see him on his way.  Also, before leaving, Fr Paul received a blessing from Bishop Alan Hopes, the Bishop of East Anglia.

Fr Paul’s blogs from each day of his walking, with some pictures, may be seen on the JustGiving website by following this link:

The group from Caversham, in Walsingham


This document shows Fr Paul’s itinerary for each day of his walk: itinerary for Walk from Walsingham to Caversham

In this homily, Fr Paul’s announces his plans to walk from Shrine to Shrine, and gives some of his reasons:  Homily for the Second Sunday of Lent 2017

A lot more information may be found in the Shrine Restoration page of this website.



The first few steps

As mentioned above, Fr Paul commented daily on what he was doing and how he was feeling.  If you use the following JustGiving link, you will be taken directly to the correct page and, while you are there, please contribute towards the cost of restoring the Shrine of Our Lady of Caversham, work which has already started.





Bereavement Support Ministry

At the 10.00am Mass, on Sunday 23rd April, seven parishioner volunteers were commissioned as members of the newly-formed Bereavement Support Ministry.  The Mission Statement for this ministry start by saying this:

“The Bereavement Support Group will try to do everything they can to provide love, support and prayers to individuals and families who have suffered the loss of a loved one.”

The rest of the Mission Statement, and a lot more information, may be found by following this link: Bereavement Support Group

Celebrating Mothering Sunday at St Anne’s School

Mothers featured largely in school during March at St Anne’s School, Caversham.  As well as the support they supply all year round both in and out of school, they have been involved in two special events. 

On Saturday 18th March they rolled up their sleeves and joined in Garden Action day along with anyone else willing to help.  This event gets the school garden, which has previously won prizes, up to scratch and ready for the children to work on during the spring and summer.  Children could either help on the day or they could enjoy other activities while grown ups were working.  It is always amazing how much work gets done in a couple of hours.


Then on 22nd March, mothers were able to book a lunch to celebrate Mothering Sunday and they were able to join their children for a school lunch.  They collected their food with their child/children and then sat down to eat with them, enjoying the roast dinner that was the choice for the day.


Pupils also had the opportunity to buy gifts for their mothers on the 16th March in the Mothers Day Surprise Room.  Organized by the PSA (Parents Staff Association) the room had small, suitable gifts for children to buy to take home to give to their Mothers on Mothering Sunday.  Each class was taken to the room by their class teacher and help was on hand to guide the children in choosing and buying a gift.

Images at the High Altar

These four images, displayed at the High Altar, were painted by Marcelo Lavallen, who is the artist responsible for the beautiful artwork proposed for the Shrine Restoration.

Blessed Dominic Barberi

Bl. Dominic Barberi panel (3)

Blessed Dominic Barberi (born 1792) was an Italian theologian and a member of the Passionist Congregation. He was beatified by Pope Paul VI in 1963. Blessed Dominic is best known for receiving Blessed John Henry Newman into the Roman Catholic Church at Littlemore, near Oxford, in 1845, and his more local connection is that he died near Reading Railway Station in 1849.

Our Lady, Queen of Heaven

Our Lady (3)

Queen of Heaven is a title given to the Virgin Mary by Christians mainly of the Roman Catholic Church, and also, to some extent, in Eastern Orthodoxy and Anglicanism. The title is a consequence of the First Council of Ephesus in the fifth century, in which the Virgin Mary was proclaimed “theotokos”, a title rendered in Latin as Mater Dei, in English “Mother of God”. (From Wikipedia)

St Anne with Our Lady

St. Anne (2)

Saint Anne (also known as Ann or Anna) of David’s house and line, was the mother of the Virgin Mary and grandmother of Jesus Christ, according to apocryphal Christian and Islamic tradition. Mary’s mother is not named in the canonical gospels, nor in the Qur’an. Anne’s name and that of her husband Joachim come only from New Testament apocrypha, of which the Protoevangelium of James (written perhaps around 150) seems to be the earliest that mentions them. (From Wikipedia)

Blessed Hugh Faringdon

Hugh Farindgdon panel (3)

Blessed Hugh Faringdon (died 1539) was a Benedictine monk who presided as the last Abbot of Reading Abbey. At the dissolution of the monasteries under King Henry VIII of England, Blessed Hugh was accused of high treason and executed. He was declared a martyr and beatified in 1895.