Posted on: March 15, 2019

Lent Course – Notes for all 6 weeks

These are the notes which were made available to all attendees at the weekly Lent course, which was led by Fr Patrick.

Overview of the 6 weeks:

Lent Course 2019 outline of 6 weeks

Notes from Week 1:

01 Evening 1 main notes

02 Evening 1 support material

03 Evening 1 Credal formulae

04 Evening 1 JH Newman quote

05 Evening 1 worksheet

Notes from Week 2:

Lent Course 2 Handout 1

Lent Course 2 Handout 2

Lent Course 2 Handout 3

Lent Course 2 Handout 4

Lent Course 2 Worksheet

Notes from Week 3:

Lent Course 3 Supporting Material

Lent Course 3 NT Hymns

Lent Course 3 Worksheet

Notes from Week 4:

Lent Course 4 Supporting Material

Lent Course 4 Hymn Examples

Lent Course 4 Worksheet

Notes from Week 5:

Lent Course 5 Supporting Material

Lent Course 5 Hymn Examples

Lent Course 5 Worksheet

Notes from Week 6:

Lent Course 6 Supporting Material

Lent Course 6 Hymn Examples

Lent Course 6 Worksheet


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